Biography and Fields of Activities

Prof. Dr. Gensior (Mrs.) is a Chair-holder, Brandenburg University of Technology (DE) and Chair of Economic and Industrial Sociology. Prof. Dr. Gensior is an Executive Member of Council since 1991 (German Association for Social Scientific Research into the Labour Market (SAMF); SAMF Executive Member of Council since 1991; Co-Director of SAMF since  1995; Director since 1998; Chairwoman since 1998. International Sociological Association (ISA), Vice-President of the Research Committee RC 02 “Economy and Society”, period of 2006 – 2010, German Sociological Association (DGS), Brandenburg Officer for the Development of Teaching Practice in Higher Education

Member of International Industrial Relations Association (IIRA), there: German Section of International Industrial Relations Association (GIRA)

•"Work with Computing Systems within the Company", Vortrag: Prof. Dr.
Sabine Gensior, Dr. Lothar Lappe:, 8th International Conference Work
With Computing Systems WWCS, Stockholm, Schweden, 21. - 24. Mai 2007

•"Practices of Globalisation, Regionalisation and Localisation and the
Crisis in the Financial Sector -- A Gender oriented Perspective from
Economic Sociology", Vortrag Prof. Dr. Sabine Gensior, Conference
"Gender and Social Transformation: Global, Transnational and Local
Realities and Perspectives", 17. -- 19. Juli 2009, Peking, China

•"Reorganisation of Companies and Regional Economies -- Societal
Transformation, Organisational and Personal Networks", Vortrag und
Konferenzeröffnung Prof. Dr. Sabine Gensior, Conference "Markets as
Networks", 25. -- 26. September 2009, Sofia, Bulgarien - Organiser
International Sociological Association (ISA) - Research Committee (RC)
02 "Economy and Society"

•"Sustainable Measures to stabilise Labour Markets during the Crisis: The
Role of Short-Time Work in Germany", Vortrag: Prof. Dr. Sabine Gensior,
Dr. habil. Lothar Lappe, 8th Congress of the International Network
Regional & Local Development of Work & Labour (RLDWL), School of Labour
& Human Resources, Renmin University Peking, China, 10. -13. Juni 2010

•"Practices of Globalisation and Localisation and the Crisis in the
Financial Sector -- a gender oriented Perspective", Vortrag: Prof. Dr.
Sabine Gensior, XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology, Göteborg,
Schweden, 11. -- 17. Juli 2010

•Prof. Dr. Sabine Gensior: Chair, Research Committee (RC) 02 "Economy and
Society": "Practices of Globalisation and the Crises of the Financial
Sector: Normal corruption, Systemic Deficiencies and Black Mail", XVII
ISA World Congress of Sociology, Göteborg, Schweden, 11. -- 17. Juli 2010

•Advisory and consultancy roles with numerous Land and Federal ministries (Central State), private foundations and other Institutions (national/international), evaluator for the EU-Commission

•Extensive consultancy activities in fields of labour, technology, labour market, employment, professional training, education and social policy.

•State Minister for Education and Technology (central state, Germany); State advisory board for redevelopment measures of former brown coal areas (central state, Germany; Hans-Böckler-Foundation, Germany; German Research Association (DFG); EUROSTAT; Federal Ministers (Land Brandenburg, Germany) for Science, and Culture; Work, Health, Women and Family

•EQUAL – European Network for Rehabilitation (Minister of Economy and Work –Central State)

•Consultancy – World Bank Project "Social Impact Monitoring- Mine Site Reactivation -   Romania: Mine Closure and Sozial Mitigration Project”, Hart Group in association with Vienna Survey Centre, and CURS SA

•Member of the Advisory Board on Labour Market Policy of the Berlin Senate Department for Labour, Occupational Training and Women (later – Occupational Training and Employment Policy (1996 – 2004)

•Member of the Board for Evaluation – Central State Institute for Professional Training and Research (January/February 2005), Germany

•Federal Minister (Land Brandenburg, Germany), Member of the Advisory Board "Implementation of the Social Statute Book II" (Summer 2005 -   )

•Several advisory boards (board member), Hans Böckler Foundation – Research Projects:

•"New Workplaces – by which Means? Starting-Points for Small and Middle Sized Firms in Relation to Employment and Environment" (1997 - 1999)

•East German Mining and Power Industry (1999 – 2002)

•Perspective of the East German Textile Industry (since July 2005)

•Consultant – German Parliament (11th period) – 10/1990 "The Future of Educational and Professional Politics – Education and Training 2000"

•Wissenschaftsrat (The German Council of Sciences) since July 2006  -  "Akkreditierung der Hochschule der Bundesagentur für Arbeit" (Accreditation of the University of the German Central Agency of Labour)

•Visiting  Professor at the European University Institute, Florence,
Italy (EUI)  -  2007

•Advisory Board Member, The Journal for Gender, Culture and Society "GENDER"

•Advisory Board Member - German Trade Union Federation Magazin of
Disputation "GEGENBLENDE"

•Advisory Board Member - Project "Strengthen the Permeability of the
Educational System" (SPES) of the Social Partners German Trade Union
Federation, Region Berlin-Brandenburg and of the Businessment's
Association in Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.